We’ve all been transfixed by the wonder of the eternal heavens. We look to a starry sky in awe and often wonder, “Should I really have another beer?” The cosmos seem to call to us as we contemplate eternity, and we respond in our earthbound, caveman way.

I’ve always been a fan of UFOs, the mythology of Roswell, the notion of extra-terrestrial abduction. I’ve never personally seen a UFO, but I know people who claim they have, and they are, generally speaking, upstanding, rational, human beings. Generally speaking. Some of them, however, are a couple of sandwiches and a thermos short of a picnic.  Or else a couple of six packs along.

If you like UFOs, flying saucers, spacecraft, or, as Elwood of North Dakota says, “A long purty tube done floated out the woods and looked like a ceegar,” you might want to take a look at some of the UFO interpretations available to fabricate at Captain Hollywood’s (nearly famous) Curiosity Shop of UFOs.  These models range in size and shape depending on mythology, location, and the time of their creation.

The first model I have to show you was in fact the first Science Fiction flying saucer model ever created.   Produced in 1954, it’s a tiny little thing, kind of expensive because it’s really hard to find, but I keep it in the inventory because it’s a groovy bit of UFO/science fiction nostalgia.  It features a very funky early concept of the flying saucer, and even includes one little green man at the helm, who looks like he’s having a helluva time jockeying this little 50s saucer-jalopy around a cratered moon.   This model was made at a time when modern science fiction was in its infancy, and the idea of flying saucers was first starting to take hold during the cold war.

1st Flying Saucer Model from 1954 Original Molds

1st Flying Saucer Model from 1954 Original Molds








Another sensational UFO model is the EVE Flying Saucer, or the Explorational Vessel of Earth. This is another cool Altantic UFO model.

EVE Flying Saucer!

EVE Flying Saucer!








One of my personal favorites is the George UFO.  I call this model the George UFO, because, apparently, it was a guy named George who first spotted it.  This one has a great box cover with lots of lights and excitement, and a great shot of George himself enjoying a cold one.

George?  Any more beer?

George? Any more beer?








Now we get into some real modern UFO type models, which are pretty fun because we’re starting to get fancy. Keep in mind most of these were created long before Star Trek and Star Wars ever came along, so they’ve got a nice nostalgic innocence.  Here’s one I really like, the Roswell UFO model, which not only includes alien crew members aboard the craft, but also includes a 6″ Grey alien, the type that was supposedly seen at the Roswell site!   And he looks glad to see us!  This model is stamped with the words “Top Secret” but I’m not sure how Top Secret it is, seeing as they released thousands of these models.  But maybe that’s just the beer talking.

Wave back to the nice alien.

Wave back to the nice alien.








Lastly, we’ve got another great classic here, it’s the Area 51 UFO, another “Top Secret” model that PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that there IS a heinous government conspiracy afoot.  Well, conspiracy or not, these and other cool UFO models are all available at Captain Hollywood’s (nearly famous) Curiosity Shop of Paranormal Weirdness and Government Conspiracy.   So drop by the shop, say howdy, get out your glue and your paint, hunker down, contemplate the universe, and build yourself a saucer!  And what the hell.  Have yourself another beer too, while you’re at it.

TOP SECRET!  (Except for anyone who buys this model).

TOP SECRET! (Except for anyone who buys this model).

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