Burning Godzilla! Eeeeeeeeeee!

Burning Godzilla!


He’s the King of the Monsters, and the Lord of the toybox!  Godzilla has always been a perennial favorite ever since he stomped Tokyo to bits.  Captain Hollywood’s (almost famous) Curiosity Shop has always been a big big fan of the Godzilla T-Rex dragon morph, and with the release of the latest Godzilla bio-pic, Godzilla collectibles are hitting the market in a big time Godzilla way.

Classic 1954 Godzilla

Classic 1954 Godzilla

Godzilla toys are particularly collectible, and the toys are legion.  They vary from the very early 1954 version of the monster to the “Burning” Godzilla, along with the mighty King Caesar.  Don’t forget  the hugely popular Mechagodzilla , all the way through the very latest 24″ Godzilla figure that’s almost as big as your kids.

Many of the figures are made by Ban Dai, an outstanding company that produces some of the finest and most cleverly packaged Godzilla toys in the world.

Giant 24" Godzilla!  He may eat your kids.

Giant 24″ Godzilla! He may eat your kids.


If smashing up cities is your thing, maybe you’d dig your very own Godzilla playset.  These sets include buildings that you can stack and then have Godzilla destroy, time and time again.  Good for getting out your big city frustrations.  You’ll also find Muto figures, and even Deformed Plush Godzilla figures that make good cozy pals.   Need a cure for your Godzilla habit?   Need a Godzilla play set for your next trip to Japan?  Need a Roaring Godzilla Figure for your next family gathering?  OF COURSE YOU DO!  Drop by Captain Hollywood’s (almost famous) Curiosity Shop, type the word “Godzilla” into the search field, and discover one of the finest Godzilla selections on planet earth!

Aaaaaaiiiiii!  It’s Godzilla!


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