This is a sensational sampling of cool cars, trucks, and other unforgettable TV, movie, and boomer vehicles available from yer crazed pal, Captain Hollywood. And look out motorheads, The Captain is burnin’ rubber all over town, you betcha! On the next few pages you’ll find a ton of sleek Revell, AMT, Lindberg, and Polar Lights classic plastic model kits with eye-popping retro box art to match. Dig the Krazed Kreations of George Barris from the Ice Cream Truck to the Munster Koach to the Dragula to the Monkee Mobile. Build the Captain’s detailed stock car kits from the day, re-create bitchen muscle car kits of old (and hear the throaty roar!), and even dig high end die-cast classics like the Steve McQueen “Bullitt” car. It’s always a gas to peruse these babies and sparkplug a memory or two. Add your own paint, decals, and vision to innovate your own versions of these retro gas-hogs. Click on the images and we’ll take you direct to Captain Hollywood’s Amazon product page where you can latch onto one of these hot babies pronto and get right to it! Can you smell that? That’s the smell of burning rubber babies. . . . Captain Hollywood is at it again!

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