Mego Action Figures, 8” Nightmare On Elmstreet – Freddy (Limited Edition Collector’S Item)

  • Turn dreams into nightmares with this Freddy action Figure. He’s a must-have for your horror collection.
  • Figure stands 8” Tall and has 14 points of articulation.
  • Made of PVC. Washable.
  • Official mego collector foil stamp. Limited edition serial number.
  • Accessories include a fedora hat and claw hand.

A family Man on the surface, Freddy Krueger was the serial killer known as the “springwood slasher”. After Krueger was caught and released on a technicality, he was offered The chance to continue to wreak havoc after his death. Krueger becomes a dream demon that enters His victims’ Dreams quickly turning them to nightmares. If Freddy Krueger kills you in the ‘dream world,’ it causes Death in the real world where he gets to absorb the People’S souls afterwards.

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