Dracula Medallion Prop Replica (Limited Edition of 750)

Dracula Medallion Prop Replica (Limited Edition of 750)

Highly collectible
Great as gifts
Great for fans, collectors, children, and adults
Inspired by the beloved fan favorite Universal's cult-classic film, Dracula
Even with its brief screen time the medallion, like the Count himself, endures and has become immortal
Based on Bela Lugosi's classic portrayal of the Count
This medallion is visually striking with elements that emulate the formal attire of the early 1900's
A must have collector piece for any Dracula or vampire fans alike

Product Description

Universal Monsters The Medallion of Dracula Limited Edition Prop Replica: The medallion that was an essential part of the costume in Universal’s classic 1931 production Dracula. It is Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of the Count in the Universal Studios film that has established itself in pop culture as THE image of a traditional vampire, the classic ‘aristocratic vampire Count’. It is this version of Dracula that has endured and has been imitated and copied countless times and the medallion is one of its more visually striking elements of that look. The costume design was a deliberate attempt to emulate the formal evening attire of the early 1900’s. Part of this attire for an aristocrat, noble or decorated individual was often a neck order. A neck order is a decoration denoting rank, status and/or achievement, worn around the neck with evening dress, as opposed to a ribbon on the chest which is traditionally worn with a uniform. What is interesting is that Dracula’s neck order or medallion only appears in a few scenes in the early reels of the film and then disappears. This impact was undeniably helped by the fact that Bela Lugosi wore a reproduction medallion of a different design during numerous live appearances in character as Dracula both promoting the film and after the production. According to Hollywood lore, he was even buried with a reproduction medallion on his death in 1956. Even with its brief screen time the medallion, like the Count himself, endures and has become immortal. The original prop is never seen in close up on screen and is almost always shot in low or subdued light which gives it a shifting, mercurial appearance. Many people over the years have speculated as to the exact detail of the prop, particularly the center motif. A sun & moon, day & night motif, is an excellent visual metaphor for a creature of the night.

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