Frankenstein, A Universal Picture

Actual photo of a cameraman setting up a shot on the set of the original Frankenstein, in 1931. The set up is for one of the first close-ups ever shot of the Frankenstein monster, and the shot that launched an icon.

Below: Actual authenticated 35mm film cell display with cells hand-selected from vintage movie reels of the original Frankenstein, available from Captain Hollywood’s (nearly famous) Curiosity Shop. Click on image for details.

Ben Chapman, Creature From The Black Lagoon

Above, actor Ben Chapman cools off between shots in his Creature from the Black Lagoon ensemble. Chapman was 6″ 5′ tall, and did most of the land shots as the creature.

Below: Creature from the Black Lagoon film cell displays with actual 35mm film cells taken from vintage film reels. Amazing collectible cells presented for display with a great companion image of the Creature sneaking onboard. Click on image for details.

The Cast of Dracula

Above: The Cast of Dracula gathered for a group shot on the 1931 set.

Below: Film Cell Display featuring actual film cells taken from vintage motion picture film reels. Film Cell Displays include 3 cells of Lugosi as Dracula, professionally double-mounted and framed so that light can shine through the cells for viewing. Incredible, limited edition collectible. Click to learn more! Click on image for details.

Lon Chaney’s Makeup Kit From Phantom of the Opera

Above: Very rare photograph of Lon Chaney Sr. in Phantom of the Opera makeup. Here he shows off the makeup kit from which he created numerous cinematic characters.

Below: Lon Chaney Sr. as the Phantom of the Opera in sensational film cell display, features authenticated 3 film cells from vintage film reels. Available in Limited Edition from Captain Hollywood! Click image to visit the product page. Click on image for details.


Bride of Frankenstein

Above: Elsa Lanchester relaxes for a cup of tea between takes on the set of “Bride of Frankenstein” in 1935. Here, she is swathed in bandages for the classic lightning scene.

Below: Below: Sensational film cell display from “Bride of Frankenstein” featuring 3 authenticated 35mm film cells taken from actual film reels of the film. Cells are mounted so that light can shine through them for viewing. Display includes high resolution companion image and information plate. Click on image for details.

The MUMMY (1932) Boris Karloff Movie

Above: Very rare shot taken on the set of the original MUMMY movie, starring Boris Karloff.

Below: Authenticated film cell displaying 3 35mm film cells from the film “The MUMMY.” Cells are mounted and framed behind plexiglass with certification of authenticity, care instructions, and more. Click on image for details.

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