One-12 Collective: Frankenstein Action Figure

One-12 Collective: Frankenstein Action Figure


  • Recreates the creature as memorably portrayed by Boris Karloff
  • Outfitted on a one:12 collective body
  • Incredible detail
  • Captures the film’s look and spirit in full color
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Perhaps the most iconic monster movie of all time, Frankenstein first terrified audiences in 1931. Portrayed by legendary actor Boris Karloff as a terrifying yet misunderstood and tormented creature, Universal’s Frankenstein monster has gripped moviegoer’s imaginations ever since. Meticulously developed to capture the terrifying look of the iconic creature and outfitted on a one:12 collective body, the figure’s detailing is incredible; the final product captures the look and spirit of the character as he appeared in the legendary film. This version is in full color, recreating the make-up scheme of Karloff as accurately as possible.

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