Frankenstein Boris Karloff Film Cell

Frankenstein Boris Karloff Film Cell


Frankenstein (1931) Boris Karloff Film Cell Display!

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This is a sensational opportunity to own a piece of monster movie history! Universal movie monster buffs will cherish this beautifully mounted, fully licensed set of unique 35mm film clips from the iconic movie FRANKENSTEIN, taken from actual film reels! Clips are inset in the presentation so that light can shine through them. These have been out of production for months, now available in very limited quantity! Each set of authentic film cells are hand-selected from pivotal points in the movie. Your cells may differ from those shown, but in each cell the monster is featured in a variety of scenes. This fine display piece also includes a beautifully rendered image of Boris Karloff in a menacing pose as “the Monster.” All comes professionally double matted behind plexiglass and displayed in an elegant black ash frame. Presentation includes an attached certification of authenticity, and the piece is entirely handcrafted in the USA! An incredible collectible for Universal Horror fans everywhere!

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